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How do we do it?

Pre - Production




Post - Production


Art Direction. 


We continuously work to seek the latest tendencies and styles, in order to be able to offer the best and most innovative for the brand and/or product, and reaching this way a one-of-a kind offer. Creativity and trend is our business’ hallmark. We work in a team with the client, advising and joining his ideas with ours, to be able to end up with a final project of quality without neglecting any details.



Producing and developing live photos sessions, managing the team involved in the process of photography and video, building the photographic set , art direction, locations, models, as well as makeup options, hairstyles and accessories. We look for ideas and concepts outside stereotypes and thinking of ways of positioning the image from a different perspective in order to discover its own unique and personal style.

Post - Production.

Once the campaign is carried out, the team keeps a scheduled period of time for the delivery of the material that what previously agreed on with the client. We guarantee to fulfill each detail established and necessary to achieve the best final result.



 Photography.  We offer the country’s best photographer; Indra Rodriguez de La Sierra, with 20 years of experience in the market. Professional and specialist in advertising campaigns, fashion, Social network, Web page, product photo, catalogs etc. Excellent at editing and finishing touches. We guarantee you a work of high quality and professionalism.


 Video.  We work with the best on the market, Manuel Ruiz. He specializes in audiovisual material, recording and editing. Ideal videos for your social networks, web page or advertising campaign.


     Fashion Film: This is a few minutes short, where an innovative concept story is invented, for the launching of any product/collection of the brand. This method has been introduced recently as a viral marketing concept, they are generally produced to be reproduced through networks and therefore easily reach the consumer.


       Making Of: The how it’s done, or yet better said behind the scenes. This is a documentary video that shows how the production of the campaign was done.


       Advertising videos: We adjust to a script previously prepared by an agency, or we work in creating the idea from scratch.

 Location / Scouting.  Venezuela offers us a countless diversity of perfect and adjustable locations for your pictures. Our team is in charge of looking into and offering the client the most convenient for each situation and budget, we offer photos inside our studio or outdoors. In the event of wanting pictures outside Caracas, we handle the logistics and organization of the trip.


 Styling.  We have the best makeup and hairstyling team to ensure the ideal look in your pictures. We provide look counseling with fresh proposals, of international and creative tendency, being innovative and the trendiest of the season, all for the purpose and guidelines of the brand and/or product.


 Models.  In our country, we have the advantage of having the most beautiful and talented women of all, that’s why Manne Productions is in charge of finding the ideal model or ace for your campaign, thanks to the alliances established with different models and agencies in the country.


 Catering.  We have a catering service that’s ideal and adjustable to any situation.


 Settings / Props.  We are in charge of putting together the set for your pictures, just as we dreamt it, besides we have the best prop men to build the necessary for the shoot specially designed for your brand/product.


 Wardrobe / Accesories.  We select and look over the wardrobe or accessories needed for your pictures/videos. We have an alliance of brands, who, depending of the proposal, could be or not, interested in taking part in the project.

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What do we offer?

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